We have the unique privilege of being in the center of what could be considered one of the great natural wonders of the world. The streams around Zion Christian Ministries flow in four different directions and are the source of three major rivers.

It is our prayer that there will be streams of "living water" that will flow to the ends of the earth from Zion and this web site.


Two miles to the East of Ulysses is the headwaters for the Cowanesque River. The Cowanesque becomes part of the Tioga River and then flows into the Chemung River at Corning NY, and then flows on to the East Branch of the Susquehanna River.


Two miles to the South is the headwaters for Cushing Creek which flows into Pine Creek and then on to the West Branch of the Susquehanna where it is united with the waters from the Cowanesque River and then flows into the Chesapeake Bay and on to the Atlantic Ocean.


Six miles to our West are the headwaters for the Allegheny River that flows to Pittsburgh where the Monongahela River meets it. Together, at the "Golden Triangle" of downtown Pittsburgh, they form the Ohio River. The Ohio River flows into the mighty Mississippi River, and then on to the Gulf of Mexico and on to Central and South America.


The little streams around Zion Christian Assembly join to become the headwaters for the Genesee River that flows North to Rochester NY and into Lake Ontario. The waters flow on into the St. Lawrence Seaway, past Montreal, and into the Northern Atlantic.